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GSR - Drift

The GSR Autosport team has been involved in the drift scene for more than seven years. We have built a broad base of knowledge over these years of what makes a great drift car - from our first rotary powered FC RX7 to our M5 v10 powered GSR BMW 350R run in 2010 to our latest creation, the BMW E46 M3 turbo producing more than 750 bhp - we know drifting.

From ground up car builds, overall car tuning, engine development/tuning, custom suspension development, driver development and Formula D event support services, GSR Autosport is the Orange County house of drift.

To learn more about our 2013 Formula Drift Pro BMW E46 M3 - Click Here

"Mike is the best car builder in FD, I owe my successful Rookie season to him."

Charles Ng
Runner-up Rookie of the Year
Formula Drift 2010 Season

GSR Drift Machines

Fomula Drift GSR Autosport BMW #46 M3
GSR Autosport BMW E46 M3 2013-

GSR Autosport BMW Z4R, Formula Drift 2011 - 2012

Fomula Drift GSR Autosport BMW 350R
GSR Autosport BMW 350R, Formula Drift 2010

Formula Drift Mazda RX7
Mazda RX7 (FC), ZO6 Engine, Formula Drift 2009